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As Much Art as Science

January 17, 2022

The recruitment business is broken.  A bold statement I know, but traditional ways of finding a job aren’t working, for either candidates or employers.  Despite it being easier than ever […]

The Power of Networks !

January 17, 2022

Have you ever played a game called “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”?  Name an actor, then connect them to another actor by a film they’ve both appeared in together, then […]

Who are you?

January 17, 2022

This famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson made in the early 19th century is as relevant now as it was then and am sure will be as relevant in another […]

More than a job title

January 17, 2022

A couple of weeks ago I posted a piece entitled Live Your Dream in which I wrote “self-reflection and self-knowledge are the two most valuable gifts you can give yourself […]

The World is your Oyster

January 17, 2022

“The biggest mistake you can make is to believe you are working for somebody else.” That’s a quote from personal development guru Earl Nightingale and it’s probably one of the […]

Live Your Dream

January 17, 2022

The hardest part of doing what you love is knowing what you love to do.  If that sounds obvious, ask yourself how you feel about your current job?  How do […]

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