Our purpose

Supporting organisations and individuals to realise sustainable change

Creating sustainable change can be disruptive and uncomfortable. This is why we created changemaker, bringing together a team of experienced, pragmatic experts to help our clients deliver the changes that are critical to their success. Our team supports the complete change journey, from initial change design, through change delivery and engaging the human being in change to providing specialist resources needed to support your change programme. 


Click below to explore how we can support your organisations change journey: 

  1. Change Design

    Supporting you in exploring what change might look like, or navigating your way to realising the change you desire.

  2. Change Delivery

    Implementing the governance and skills to plan and deliver change in an ambiguous world.

  3. Human Change

    Supporting the human being in understanding why and how to change to realise their full potential.

  4. Resourcing for Change

    Building your change capability by providing people with the skills and values that matter to you on a temporary, interim, or permanent basis.

We know change is a deeply human activity. That’s why changemaker puts people at the centre of everything we do and has developed a range of services aimed at supporting the individual to realise their full potential. Whether through executive coaching, career development or finding out where your passion and motivation lies, we are here to help.  

To find out more about how we support the individual in change click here 

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In a recent poll, just 4% of respondents said their organisation manages change delivery effectively.

Surprised? We weren’t.

We've spent years helping organisations like yours access the experience, skills and capacity you need to make change successful. So, if you’re one of the 96% struggling to manage change delivery, we're here to change that.

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For the past two years, ArvatoConnect has had the privilege of collaborating with changemaker in organising transformative automotive events. Our partnership goes beyond just events, however; it's focused on navigating the transformative changes within the automotive industry. Together, we aim to highlight the industry's evolution and guide our audience on how to adapt and thrive in this ever-changing landscape. Offering our clients this invaluable knowledge wouldn't be possible without our partnership with changemaker.

— Naomi Turner - AvartoConnect

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