Change for Individuals

Helping You Realise Your Full Potential

Sometimes we are our biggest obstacle to our own success. We may lack confidence and self -belief or feel we are stuck in a rut and struggling to navigate and envision those next steps into being able to reach our goals.  

 changemaker doesn’t only create transformational change for organisations; we’re passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential too. We’ll help you gain greater self-awareness and dispel any self-limiting beliefs which may be stifling your personal and professional growth. We’ll help you decide which direction to head in and build the confidence to take a risk, maybe do something completely different.   

 We’ll also help you with the logistics of finding your next role; things like understanding your motivators and drivers, CV preparation, networking techniques, self-marketing, understanding and practicing interview techniques, and negotiating the best offer.  

 Below are just some of the ways in which we regularly help individuals with their personal development and life journey. 

Personal and Career development

Everyone needs a coach. Even world-class athletes have someone overseeing their progress, helping them become stronger and faster, honing their skills, and pushing them that little bit harder - someone helping them achieve something they’d previously thought impossible. The same is true of almost every high achiever in almost every field. For example, business executives regularly use coaches and mentors to help them brainstorm new ideas and new directions. changemaker offers coaching and mentoring which can give you that same edge. 

Demand Management Change By Default Not Design

Bringing Out the Best in You

Coaching and mentoring can help increase your confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness. It can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to work out a way to capitalise on them. If you’re trying to reinvent yourself, a coach can help you identify what transferable skills you have and how best to use them to pursue other career options. 

Job Hunting Challenges

Exploring What You're Looking For

At changemaker, we can provide a series of interactive sessions where we'll help you explore what you're looking for from your life and career. We’ll help you gain clarity over what your goals are, and the steps needed to achieve them. We provide a safe space where you can talk things through freely without judgement, think aloud, and try out new ideas. 

 We will always be objective, non-judgemental, and supportive, and if you already have a plan but are feeling stuck or scared, we’ll help you through the dip. We'll encourage you, motivate you, and challenge you and perhaps most importantly, we’ll hold you accountable for the promises you’ve made to yourself. 

 Some people wait until they’re completely stuck before finding a coach, however, we believe it’s better to avoid getting stuck in the first place. We won’t expect you to have all the answers, but we’ll certainly help you find them. 

Executive Coaching

Investing in Your Success 

Enhancing performance and productivity are amongst the most common reasons executives use a coach, but they’re not the only ones. You may be thinking of a role or career change and would benefit from an unbiased but experienced advisor to discuss the pros and cons with. Alternatively, you may need help identifying solutions for specific work-related (or personal) issues, or support in brainstorming strategies for managing crisis, conflict, or change. Whatever your reasons, changemaker can help you achieve clarity and insight geared to optimise your future performance. 

 Our first step is always to get to know you as an individual as much as possible, to understand your motivations, drivers, and needs, and then to help you understand those things yourself. We believe increased self-awareness – a deep, intuitive understanding of your strengths, personality, and preferred style of working – helps form fundamental building blocks for your success. We’ll match you with one of our experienced coaches, who’ll be exacting and supportive, whilst also challenging and motivating you. They’ll help you visualise your future and devise plans to achieve it - and they’ll hold you to the commitments you make to yourself.  

 In our experience, working with an executive coach will help you become more innovative, develop better working relationships and generate greater engagement. Most importantly, it will help you feel more fulfilled in your life both inside and outside of work. The greatest thing you can invest in is yourself.  

Securing Your Next Role

Self-marketing is a skill and not something that comes naturally to a lot of people, which is why changemaker is here to help you develop self-confidence and the skills to make you stand out in any interview, ensuring you present the best possible version of yourself to prospective employers.  

 We’ll start by helping you understand what you want out of a job role. It may sound obvious, but few people consciously work out exactly what satisfies their needs and makes them feel fulfilled. On this basis, by using our library of proven tools and techniques, we’ll help develop your self-awareness, confidence and ensure you’re applying for the right kind of jobs for you.  

 The latter helps build a good foundation for us to be able to show you how to structure yourself a killer CV which showcases your strengths and experiences. We will also let you in on the secrets to successful networking and how to market yourself effectively. Step-by-step, we will support you in navigating the often daunting interview process, including taking you through a series of interview rehearsals and roleplays, and evaluating any preparatory work as part of your prospective employer’s interview process.  

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