Change Delivery

There are a range of governance methodologies that have claimed to unlock the secret for successful change delivery over the years. From Waterfall to Agile and everything in between, they all have their place but often miss the most important point - that no one size fits all.  

 Every organisation is unique and, as a result, requires a pragmatic and adaptable change delivery approach to succeed – striking the delicate balance between governance control and delivery freedom.  

  At changemaker, we believe the right approach is not to follow one specific change delivery methodology, rather, we consider the needs of each organisation against a standard set of delivery governance pillars. 

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We then use our real-world experience to adapt the solution to fit your individual needs – ‘right-sizing’ your change delivery governance framework, and ultimately helping you to become more effective at turning strategy into business outcomes. 

Demand Management

Ideas for new change demand are rarely in short supply, however, it is vital that these ideas are shaped and assessed in a consistent way across the enterprise to ensure that the right level of information is available for informed investment decisions early in the delivery lifecycle. Finding that right level of information is a balancing act – too little and you are making investment decisions partially blind, too much and you can waste a lot of time and effort, paralysing your ideation process.  

The key elements to getting this balance right are: 

  • Having a common format for capturing and comparing new change demand, with quality controls in place to ensure consistency. 
  • Ensuring you are focusing on desired outcomes rather than leaping to solutions. 
  • Being clear on your strategic drivers as the basis for assessing the relative value of proposed change demand. 
  • Early, light-touch assessment of the potential delivery and operational impact of change demand across your enterprise, covering both technical and non-technical resources. 

changemaker can help you to you achieve the right balance of these elements, working with you to ensure you have a change demand intake process that is fit for purpose.  

Resource Management

The majority of organisations struggle with change demand outstripping their capacity to deliver that change, usually compounded by ineffective demand prioritisation. The result is a delivery roadmap that is invariably shaped by default and not design, often with ‘hero’ projects draining key resources, regardless of the relative value they bring to the organisation. 

  Nearly every organisation will benefit from improving its enterprise delivery resource management approach, but doing that in a relatively light-touch way is where our experience comes in. changemaker can help you: 

  • Build a simple but effective demand prioritisation framework. 
  • Unlock the insight needed to enable early assessment of the resource impact of this demand to drive the right investment decisions.  
  • Model different delivery scenarios at a macro level to optimise the shape of your change portfolio and improve resource alignment. 
  • Improve your Enterprise Delivery Resource Management – identifying constraints before they adversely impact your delivery aspirations, giving you time to do something about it. 
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Governance and Assurance

We all intuitively know we need it, but so often we see a negative perception around governing and assuring change delivery in organisations. 

 This can result in a lack of sufficient delivery controls, often through a fear of too much administrative bureaucracy, or perhaps through embracing more ‘agile’ ways of working without truly understanding what this means for effective change governance. 

 If you have lost the control you once had or recognise the need to improve what is currently in place – we can work with you to right-size your governance and assurance framework. 

  There is no magic off-the-shelf methodology that will seamlessly work, but there are some core principles that we use to tailor your governance and ensure your organisational needs are met. These core principles include:  

  • Capturing and maintaining a robust ‘single source of truth’ for your key delivery data (something which is often linked to finding the right PPM Tool to manage and maintain this data). 
  • Having a flexible stage-gate delivery process that recognises change delivery can happen in different ways and doesn’t all need to follow the same strict governance path. 
  • Focussing on making governance a delivery facilitator – not a delivery blocker. 

  Getting these principles right for your organisation will ensure that key investment and delivery decisions are taken by the right people at the right time, with a Governance framework that facilitates delivery and enables you to take control of your change delivery.  


Governance & Assurance

Portfolio Delivery

 Scope definition, scheduling, risk mitigation, issue resolution, dependency management, financial management, reporting, document control - these are the engine room of your change delivery machine, but are you confident the engine is running as effectively as it should be? Some would say the answer to these challenges are to ‘double down’ with often draconian adherence to delivery standards, such as those defined in the PRINCE2 framework.  

  Whilst we agree that all these basic disciplines are important and have their place, we believe the way they are implemented and policed is critical to successful change delivery. 

At changemaker, we hold real world change delivery experience, and understand the sharp end of change delivery and the importance of finding a way to bring your team on-board with the wider change management approach. We will help you remove barriers to delivery whilst still giving assurance on the critical processes you need in place to greatly improve the chances of a high-quality delivery.  

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Culture and Behaviour

The role of culture and behaviour in implementing successful change is too often under-estimated. Sustainable change only happens when people in the organisation change.  

 Engaging and supporting people in the change journey from change leaders to front line teams is vital to success which is why at changemaker we have built a team dedicated to supporting the Human Change journey using our combined skills in business psychology, team building, coaching and transformational change, to enable organisations to achieve more with their change programmes and realise true cultural and behavioural shift.

To find out more about how we support culture and behaviour change click on 'Human Change' below:

Click below to explore how we can support your organisations change journey: 

  1. Change Design

    Supporting you in exploring what change might look like, or navigating your way to realising the change you desire.

  2. Change Delivery

    Implementing the governance and skills to plan and deliver change in an ambiguous world.

  3. Human Change

    Supporting the human being in understanding why and how to change to realise their full potential.

  4. Resourcing for Change

    Building your change capability by providing people with the skills and values that matter to you on a temporary, interim, or permanent basis.

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