Change Design

Change comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whatever the nature of the change you are seeking to realise, thought must be given to its design if it’s to be successful. Whilst change design is a critical element of any change initiative, it is also the part organisations most often rush or even skip in their haste to get moving. 


At changemaker, we support you in defining and describing the change you are trying to create so that the purpose and expected outcomes are clear from the outset. 

Change Design - Navigator or Explorer?

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Change Design - Navigator

Different types of change require different skills, experience, and techniques at the design stage. If you’re embarking on evolutionary change, you need a navigator. This is someone who has taken others on this type of journey before, who understands the landscape and will steer you clear of the rocks. It is someone who will ensure you have a map, a compass and a clear vision of your intended destination. 

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Change Design - Explorer

However, if you have ambition to be a market disruptor, to do something outside the box, you're about to enter unchartered territory and you need an explorer. Whilst navigators know how to follow a map to help you achieve your desired outcomes, explorers are able to help you draw-up a new map, one step at a time, enabling you the scope for a unique competitive advantage. They’re comfortable with ambiguity, happy to experiment, whilst simultaneously maintaining structure and rigour. They may even introduce you to other like-minded organisations who can complement your capabilities and strengthen your value proposition. 

At changemaker, we understand the challenges and time involved in successfully driving change in all its forms, and can help you design the best approach to achieve your goals. Done well, change design optimises your chance of success by ensuring everyone is progressing in the same direction, with a united set of priorities, grounded in the same understanding of what you’re trying to achieve and why. This will allow a more seamless progression, minimising the chance of false starts, wasted effort, and frustration caused by misunderstanding and miscommunication between stakeholders.  

Whether your change requires a navigator or an explorer, we have a strong track record of translating strategy into action. We can help you stress test your rationale for change and the assumptions behind it, and we can give you access to a network of industry-specific experts who’ll give you insights into new trends and challenge your thinking about how – and why - you do things. We also provide a comprehensive toolkit full of tried and tested techniques to turn vision into reality. 

 Click below to explore how we can support your organisations change journey: 

  1. Change Design

    Supporting you in exploring what change might look like, or navigating your way to realising the change you desire.

  2. Change Delivery

    Implementing the governance and skills to plan and deliver change in an ambiguous world.

  3. Human Change

    Supporting the human being in understanding why and how to change to realise their full potential.

  4. Resourcing for Change

    Building your change capability by providing people with the skills and values that matter to you on a temporary, interim, or permanent basis.

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