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Automotive Insight Report

Automotive Insight Report: Reframing Customer Intimacy During the Metamorphosis of the Agency Model and Beyond

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On the 30th November 2023, we hosted our annual automotive roundtable event in partnership with AvartoConnect and Sport in Mind at Frameless, an immersive art experience in London. The agenda for this year's event was to explore how we can...

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  1. Portfolio Delivery

    In our previous blogs on “Right-sized Governance”, we talked about the importance of effective Demand Management, Resource Management, and Governance & Assurance in making the right change investment decisions for your organisation. Collectively, these services help to ensure a change…

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  2. Governance & Assurance

    “Governance” – not a word to get the pulse racing is it. However, every organisation needs some form of delivery governance controls to a greater or lesser degree (the alternative is delivery chaos), but so often we see governance and assurance…

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  3. Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing Enterprise Resource Management

    If only you’d know that the high priority project rushed through your delivery teams was actually going to chew up far more resources than you realised, take twice as long, and cost three times as much (and a little more…

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  4. Demand Management Change By Default Not Design

    Demand and supply in perfect balance – it rarely happens. More often than not, the status quo for any organisation is one where new change demand massively exceeds the available delivery supply. The pressure to hit growth targets fuels the ideation…

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  5. right-sized governance

    In a recent survey of PMO professionals, only 1 in 5 fully agreed that their PMO is seen as delivering value to their organisation. Yet we know intuitively that effective governance is critical to the success of any change delivery…

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  6. 20201106 141915 Medium E1606231541641

    Right now, the temptation is to double down on the urgent, get the here and now sorted. But perhaps the brave call is to create the space to do this AND address the important.Those of us of a certain age…

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  7. Bxp30899s

    It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Never has that phrase been truer than when you’re undertaking organisational change or surviving a global pandemic (unless of course you’re actually running a marathon).If you draw a graph of team energy and motivation over…

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  8. Compass Medium

    Traditionally, we measure the success of projects, programmes and the people who deliver them by whether they are delivered on time, within budget and to an agreed level of quality. In my experience, if that’s all you’re measuring, you’re measuring the…

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