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The changemaker story derives from our passion for sustainable change. In the world of business, we have seen and experienced too many change delivery programmes fall short of their desired outcomes, resulting in burnt out, disillusioned people and disappointed stakeholders. We decided there must be a better way to realise sustainable change – one that places the human being at the forefront.  

Whilst external factors like technology, markets and economic climate can trigger the need for change, it is the people who determine how quickly change happens, whether it is successful and whether it will last - people like you and me, like your colleagues and customers, like your family and friends.  

This is why we have built a team to support others in achieving sustainable change, whether that be within their organisation or as part of their own personal journey.   

Our story started when Dave, Paul and Justin first got together in 2016 (although their history and relationships went back over 20 years already). Since then we have grown our core team and brought together the ‘changemaker family’ – a network of over 150 known, trusted associates. This unique, flexible resourcing model allows us to rapidly scale to meet customer needs whilst still providing the skilled, experienced, values led support our reputation has been built on. 

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Thrive Homes UK

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Elspeth Mackenzie became Chief Executive of Thrive Homes one year after it took over Three Rivers District Council’s property portfolio and its housing department staff. She wanted to create an innovative, dynamic and entrepreneurial company.

changemaker helped us understand how the various parts of our organisation fitted together and interacted, why friction happens and how to avoid it.

— Elspeth Mackenzie, Chief Executive

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