Resourcing for Change

Getting the Right People on Board

 Developing effective change capability centres around getting the right people on board. Attracting, developing, and retaining the right people in your team is never more important than during times of change. As your organisation changes, it’s essential you not only have people with the right skills on board, but also the people that are a good cultural fit for your business. 

Ultimately, people and culture are what differentiates great companies from merely good ones - everything else can be replicated, marginalised, or superseded. Ensuring you invest your time into developing the right team, will allow you to build an engaged, motivated, and capable workforce that suffers less churn and disruption, which ultimately generates competitive edge. 

At changemaker, we believe that good people are at the heart of driving any workforce. We have many years of experience in helping organisations hire the best person in terms of skills, experience, and cultural fit for the team as well as helping develop your people, both individually and as a team, so you can optimise their skills and capabilities to create a rewarding work environment for both the employer and the employee. 

Managing employee recruitment, retention, and transition is critical to the eventual success of any change initiative. This is why our capability development team devotes their time and attention into understanding the needs of your business, culture and situation - not only today, but for the future vision you’re building towards. This attention to detail is why our clients regard us as continual trusted partners, rather than merely transactional providers. We measure our success by the quality of the team we help you build, and the value we can create together. 


Examples of how we support resourcing for change are described below:


Successful recruitment is the mutual fulfilment of two sets of needs. Employers want someone who can do the job and can quickly integrate into their organisation. Candidates want a fulfilling role that allows them to realise their potential and aligns with their values and motivators. 


Successfully balancing both sides of the equation isn’t just a ‘numbers game’. It requires an investment of time and the application of both experience and empathy to understand both employer and candidate and ensure each matches the other’s needs. We have more than 30 years’ experience doing exactly that, with companies both large and small. 


Rather than simply filling vacancies, we help you find quality long-term employees. We believe that the best person for the job isn't always the one who looks best on paper, as the importance of someone being a good cultural fit for the business cannot be overlooked. They are someone who will grow within your organisation to realise their full potential, for their benefit and yours. It’s as much about character as it is about competency. 

Plants growing from seed

Retention and Growth

Many companies waste their resources on hiring good people who subsequently leave because they feel their career growth is stunted. Hence why we believe the smart approach is to nurture the talent you already have, by ensuring you keep people motivated and engaged, whilst also encouraging them to take on new challenges and push their boundaries. This not only minimises attrition and protects the investment in your people, but also enables your organisation to become stronger, more capable, and generate greater customer value.  


As experienced coaches and mentors for both executives and employees, we’ll help you get the best from your people. We work with teams and departments to build trust, cohesion, and collaboration, enabling them to optimise their creativity and productivity during times of change. We’ll also support your top talent into fulfilling their full potential, perhaps even taking their first steps into leadership and management. This process is designed to be continuous and aims to build a mindset that embraces lifelong learning for personal and professional growth.  

Like A Boss Custom

Leadership Development

Your organisation's culture is shaped by your senior leaders. Therefore, investing in the development of a strong, self-aware, highly engaged leadership team is one of the best ways to build a competitive advantage. changemaker specialises in coaching and mentoring senior leaders to help them prepare for role changes, identify solutions to specific work-related issues, and develop strategies for managing change, conflict, or crisis. 


We hold extensive experience working alongside leaders and senior managers, both individually and as teams, to enhance their personal impact, performance, and ability to deliver meaningful change. We’ve also been senior leaders ourselves, so we hold first-hand understanding of the support needed to combat the challenges of leadership. 

Clock with sign: time for change

Transition: Handling redundancy respectfully

The business environment can be unpredictable, and it's an unavoidable fact that you’ll have to transition people out of your organisation at some stage. Great companies value their people, and care as much about the experience people have when they leave as when they join.  


At changemaker, we believe organisations have a moral responsibility to handle redundancy as respectfully as possible, truly valuing the human involved and supporting them in finding their next role. We work with individuals to help them grow in self-confidence and identify their future goals, enabling them to clearly visualise the next steps into furthering their career. We also support people through the nuts and bolts of finding another role, such as networking, CV preparation, self-marketing, and interview practice. In short, we try to ensure this personal change is as positive of an experience as possible. 

Click below to explore how we can support your organisations change journey: 

  1. Change Design

    Supporting you in exploring what change might look like, or navigating your way to realising the change you desire.

  2. Change Delivery

    Implementing the governance and skills to plan and deliver change in an ambiguous world.

  3. Human Change

    Supporting the human being in understanding why and how to change to realise their full potential.

  4. Resourcing for Change

    Building your change capability by providing people with the skills and values that matter to you on a temporary, interim, or permanent basis.

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