Values and Beliefs

Core Principles

At changemaker we have four core principles which underpin everything we do, both collectively and as individuals. They’re not just a poster on the wall or words on a webpage; they’re the behaviours we follow every day. They define the experience we want our customers and colleagues to have when working with us. 

Paper chains of cut-out people shapes


We deeply value the human being, and we believe people are the most important aspect of our work and life. When working with us, you’ll experience a team that views you as a person on an individual basis, rather than simply just a contract. Even when delivering the most technical of projects, we recognise the importance and complexity of the human beings involved and ensure we bring this focus to our work. 


We’ll never compromise our principles for a quick fix. When you work with us, you’ll be talking to someone who’ll always tell you what we believe you need to hear, rather than simply what you might want to hear. However, we’ll do this in a way that respects your situation, and we’ll offer solutions to your problems. 

Good Company Teamwork


Our business is built on enduring relationships. Many of our employees, associates and customers have worked with us for decades across multiple organisations. We have shared values and approaches based on mutuality and common purpose. This isn’t a business strategy, it’s just who we are - and our customers value it enormously. 


We recognise we’re not all the same and that’s okay; in fact, it’s great. We treat everyone with respect, and we value diversity. Because we value difference, we accept our approach will suit some and not others, and that's also okay. Understanding our client’s culture and style is a key part of our success and we’ll check we’re a good fit for you. If we realise we’re not, we are brave enough to have that conversation and point you in a different direction. 

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